Anouska Leon (Richmond & Towers/PRCA): New business & Public Relations

PR is about to eat advertising’s plant-based lunch, because in a world that’s slowly turning away from billboards and TV advertising, public relations agencies like Richmond & Towers (R&T) are gaining ground through the use of brand-led content marketing, influencers and thought leadership.

Richmond & Towers is one of the World’s most established PR agencies, having launched back in the 1930’s. And here’s another few amazing facts; One of the first all-female led PR agencies, the originator of the term ‘Plant-based eating” and one of the only fully employee-owned PR agencies.

Anouska Leon is in charge of business development for R&T and in this interview she shares her methods for improving your chances of winning new clients, why PR has become so adaptable as a marketing tool and what the future looks like for the influencer market, plus lots, lots more.


  • How PR and new business has changed in the last 2 years
  • Opportunities in the vegetarian and vegan markets
  • Advice for just starting out in new business
  • What it’s like to work in a truly diverse and inclusive agency

Plus our very own Jeremy Davies is back with a another P to add to the Ps of marketing

Show notes

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