About Fuel and how it all began…

The Fuel Podcast is dedicated to all the new business pioneers who want to take the unavoidable next step and start building up a list of new clients and new business prospects.

In this podcast series, we speak to owners and directors of companies from all walks of industry to find out the secrets of their particular hustle.

How do these professionals identify new business prospects and make it rain for their companies?

We share tips and tactics to help listeners add color and imagination to their own new business campaigns and help them become the master of their company’s destiny.

Each episode deals with owners and operators of UK businesses from different sectors and interviews them about what works, what doesn’t work and what new techniques they are looking at to help drive their new business pipeline.

Pedigree, chum

We’ve been there, we’ve got the scars (and a few medals too). We’ve been working in and around the new business industry for a combined 60 years now. Starting out in the the 1980s, selling advertising space, commission-only in local government handbooks, graduating into the public relations industry to work with the launch team of PR Week in the dusty offices of Fleet Street, Keith entered the 90s with a clear vision of combining his love of sales with his love of marketing and PR. With a comprehensive understanding of publishing, Keith went on to work for several cutting-edge media houses – Newsfield (movies and computer games), Video Business, (Video and Music), Reed Business Publishing (contact lenses – whaaa?), eventually landing a marketing and comms leadership role in the nascent video games development industry with Millennium Interactive, where he learned to be creative and self-sufficient while selling  games titles into the big wholesalers and distributors. Following the studio’s acquisition by Sony, Keith turned his newly acquired digital knowledge back into the marketing industry, advising several leading UK brand and advertising agencies on their digital strategy.

At the turn of the century, Keith began working in the new business development agency world and noticed a lack of insight tools available to sales people working in the marketing comms field. So, in typical fashion and with the support of a very understanding wife, Keith launched Darwin, a new business development platform for the creative comms industry, which became the prototype for The Advertist.

However, Darwin, like its competitors, was allied to specific companies in the business development industry and what was needed was something that stood independent of the agency world. Having developed the intellectual property of the database, The Advertist was launched in 2014, to the huge annoyance of its competitors! Since then, The Advertist has been consistently punching above its weight, earning lusty recommendations and hearty reviews that make it the weapon of choice for the more discerning new business hunter. In 2019, it was decided that our publishing empire could expand into the world of broadcast and here we are…making it happen…again.

The Advertist’s Managing Director is available for interview. To book, simply email keith@theadvertist.com

Topics we love to discuss are:

The future of cold calling

Internal versus outsourced sales

Importance of 3-tiered sales campaigns

Data accuracy

How to choose the right sales method for your business


Extremely useful and knowledgeable. We use The Fuel Podcast as one of our main advertising platforms because it reflects the way we do business.