David Meikle: Pitch Perfect!

Some incredible agency management advice from David Meikle – former Director of Ogilvy London and Head of Ogilvy Russia.

Alongside his role of advising some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies on their strategic marketing advice, he’s the author of two pivotal books –“ How to Buy a Gorilla” and “Tuning Up” which have been helping brands and agencies create greater value together, many of which he has then supported with marketing transformation, pitch management, training and workshops”

This show is an in-depth look at the key highlights of both books and offer sound advice and data to help your agency become pitcher perfect!

Subjects include:

  • Agency investment models
  • Product development strategies
  • The triangle of doom
  • Monkey House logic
  • What areas CMOs need to ask for help with
  • New business prospecting tips
  • The awfulness of learned hopelessness
  • Selling petrol
  • Companies wasting effort and time with wildcard pitches
  • The self-propelling business model

All delivered in a light-hearted, but informative conversation.

Show Notes

David’s Linked In profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-meikle-6194405/

David’s company web site, here: https://www.htbag.co.uk

Buy the book How to buy a Gorilla here: https://www.htbag.co.uk/books/

Buy the book Tuning Up here: https://www.htbag.co.uk/books/