Episode 11: Gordon Lee

Gordon Lee can be found in the thick of some of the UK’s most memorable marketing campaigns over the last 25 years.

Most recently, he was part of the group that decided to cancel the Mobile World Congress in February, well ahead of any Government warnings.

A lover of challenger brands, Gordon loves punching above his weight. In this interview, Gordon discusses how 5G will help the world reach a better and more equal business society and how marketing agencies sometimes need to be told the plain, honest truth when pitching.

He’s currently advising agencies on how to evaluate which brands and companies to pitch for, while running his own food bank operation. Gordon is a man who reaches down to lift others up and he’s a pleasure to speak to.

Also – our resident new business trailblazer Jeremy Davies is this week ignoring all Government advice and going underground

Show notes

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Speechwriter · Marketing Director · Director Business Strategy · Communications Specialist · Marketing And Public Relations Specialist.

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