Never mind the bullshit

Not every podcast can launch according to plan, so this is the second part of our show about how creativity really happens, but it’s really Part 1, take 2 because the original part one was so random and unstructured and we got feedback that it needed some production.

So here’s a new and improved, updated and upgraded in-depth interview with the Beehive, where Keith Smith of The Fuel Podcast and Ian Truscott, editor of RockstarCMO ( and the RockstarCMO podcast, attempt to keep order to a fascinating show about how to be creative.

Greg, Martin and Tim take us on a behind-the-scenes look at the techniques they use and admire in really creative people.

Show links

RockstarCMO – Where Ian Truscott lives. His rock and rolling marketing platform is a must-read for any modern and forward-thinking  CMO.

Beehive – Where Martin, Greg and Tim hang out.

Matt Le Tissier – English footballer (retired) and commentator.

Tony Hancock film – The Rebel