Steve Rawling: storytelling (and story selling) tactics

Why do we tell stories?

Storytelling in all its forms has been a way of expressing an idea or information in a way that makes it memorable.

Storytelling allows us to see each other more clearly and to empathize. We tell stories because we are human or are we human because we tell stories?

Selling stories is the very essence of PR and yet there’s very little in the way of formal training for this.

And what about new business? Isn’t the art of selling the art of telling?

Pip Decks was first created by Charles Burdett, a UX consultant and designer, that works like a recipe card and Steve Rawlings’ Storyteller tactics is a way to ditch dull presentations and tell great stories.

Steve gives us an hour of pointers to help us weave a better tale, to engage and inspire our prospects and clients.

Show notes