Trenton Moss: Define Your Communication Style

Who are you?

Director, Relater, Socialiser or Thinker?

Who you are – how you communicate and who you’re communicating to, depends on knowing this.

Grant Thornton says that within this decade, every leader of every dynamic organisation will need to have a clear strategic vision and be able to articulate that to the business.

This is important stuff, and as part of The Fuel Podcast’s quest for answers to how we communicate better as humans, our sponsor The Advertist has teamed up with author and business coach Trenton Moss to give you a FREE workshop, so you can begin your journey of greater communication discovery!

On Tuesday 5th March at 1pm, Trenton is offering friends of The Advertist a free workshop to hear how the contents of his best-selling book ‘Human Powered’ can be implemented in your agency.

He’s doing this exclusively for The Advertist, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Take part in this fun hour of a workshop:

It’s so good, we’ve all done it.

Book your place now and we look forward to seeing you.

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