Catherine Allison: Teach Yourself to Present

Discussing the findings of a massive survey of creative agencies and their clients, actor, coach and business presentation guru Catherine Allison gives advice on how to make business presentations, talks, seminars and online meetings fun, engaging, entertaining and most of all, memorable.

Catherine uses her extensive career in the spotlight to help remove the ‘resent’ from presentations and put the ‘power’ in PowerPoint, the ‘we’ in webinar.

Catherine gives simple tips on how to win pitches through the unspoken and spoken power of communication.

She teaches us how to stand tall, how to imagine our own dragon tail, overcome nerves and deliver powerful messages in person, online and on the phone.

Included totally free-of-charge in this podcast is a simple method of structuring a sales pitch that delivers all the right feels, based on classic Hollywood know-how.

Show notes

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