Paul Feldwick: The Pedlar’s Song

The undeniable link between advertising and entertainment explained by Paul Feldwick, the author of ‘Why Does the Pedlar Sing?’

Paul’s investigation into this subject began a few years ago when he worked in senior planning roles in some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies.

As our focus on metrics and data increases, it seems our understanding of the basic principles of marketing is similarly decreasing.

Since the first time a person sold another person something, we’ve always tried to make it an enjoyable experience and the industry-wide pearl-clutching over the apparent lack of creativity in our profession can be easily explained by an expert of Paul’s calibre.

This is as enjoyable a podcast as I’ve ever done and Paul is a wonderful storyteller. The show was a revelation to me, as it triggered memories of my own childhood and a series of artworks called ‘The Cries of London’.

Join me as I ask Paul – Why does the Pedlar Sing?

Show notes

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