David Allison: The Death of Demographics

When Pepper & Rogers – the authors of One to One Marketing and Rory Sutherland, the Chair of Ogilvy get all gooey over Valuegraphics, we should all take note.

Valuegraphics is the new blueprint for customer segmentation. For way too long, we’ve relied on a set of 11 ‘boxes’ to identify our customers but they’ve always fallen short of the mark when it comes to knowing what drives them.

Our values are the very core of our daily life and thank God someone’s taken the time to figure them all out. They’ve done all the hard work for you!

In this show, David Allison, the architect of this revolutionary new targeting system explains how he’s identified 56 core values for the human race and how to push each of the buttons – this is unmissable!

His new book – ‘The Death of Demographics’ provides a complete makeover of the marketing targeting process and explains in simple terms, how to make sure that you’re maximizing your budgets and reaching your true customers, every time.

Show notes