Dr Tracy Brower PhD: You’re more valuable than you think you are

Tracy Brower has a PhD in Sociology, a Master of Management in Organizational Culture, a Master of Corporate Real Estate with a workplace specialization and the Vice President of Workplace Insights at Steelcase. She’s the author of two books – ‘The Secrets to Happiness at Work’ and ‘Bring Work to Life by bringing life to work’; a regular contributor to Forbes and the Fast Company – and she’s a TedX speaker on the subject of the Hybrid working life.

In short, she’s the perfect guest to discuss the modern workplace, business culture and strategic thinking.

77% of employers around the world are experiencing difficulties in filling job vacancies, marking the highest talent shortage in 17 years.

How are companies dealing with the staff shortage?

The youngest of our workforce is restless, doesn’t get paid enough to live and needs specialist training for most office jobs – so what are employers supposed to do?

We discuss all these issues in the show and provide some solutions for employers and employees.

Show notes

Tracy’s LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracybrowerphd/

Steelcase web site here: https://www.steelcase.com