Nick Looby: Attack of the Modern Zombies

How can we talk to people if we don’t even understand their reality?

In 2017 Nick Looby wrote a book called ‘Modern Zombies – How to Stay Ahead of the Horde and Communicate your way to Incredible Success’ in which he predicted pretty much everything we’re now experiencing in terms of the distracting effect that technology has on our ability to be human.

I talk to Nick as he begins to sketch out a sequel and offers some new insights on not only the societal effects of social media and our devices, but delves into the world of Ai and how this is possibly going to eviscerate what we know and understand as human relationships.

How is this going to impact our working and domestic lives?

We discuss:

  • The attraction of distraction
  • Channeling Empathy, Rapport, and human resonance
  • The danger of the infinite scroll
  • Why we use soft terms to describe terrible things
  • Jesus on social media
  • The beauty of slowing down
  • No tech tea time
  • Using words and not emojis
  • Parent’s fears about unregulated tech
  • Book sniffing and graveyard lurking

Show notes