Graham Fink: Effortlessly Creative

Graham PortraitStrap in for a real advertising masterclass from one of the industry’s greats! Graham Fink.

One of the advertising world’s greatest and most awarded creatives, sits down for a marathon interview about his life, his work and his ongoing quest for new creative outlets.

How hands are less-efficient art tools, the inspiration of theology, the art of creativity, how to find inspiration, dealing with critics, the ethics of cigarette advertising, green washing, Dave Trott, distraction, humor, curiosity, the stories behind some of Britain’s most legendary advertising campaigns, how art directors work.

Name checks for:

  • Tony Brignell
  • Neil Godfrey
  • Alex Taylor
  • Rosie Arnold
  • Paul Arden
  • Andy Law
  • Tom Carty
  • Dave Trott

Advice from Malcolm McLaren, how many ideas per day? imposter syndrome, the creativity of George Best, why Apocalypse Now is one of the world’s best movies, surveillance advertising and the lost art of media buying, Artificial Intelligence, can robots work in the Art Department? Digital Colonialism, postcard art and lots more.

Show notes

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Incidental music: Musictown from Pixabay

Graham’s latest exhibition:

Unlike the lens of a camera, a human’s perception is dramatically filtered by our level of attention and emotions

Drawing with Tobii eye tracker:

Cai Guo-Qiang’s Sky Ladder: