Ian Murray – House 51: Uncovering the hard truths Pt2

Ian Murray portrait imageIan Murray – the research genius behind ‘Gut Instinct’, ‘The Empathy Delusion’ and ‘The Aspiration Window’, spills the beans on one of his biggest clients – LinkedIn.

In part 2 of our interview marathon, Ian explains how LinkedIn has ambitions to transform into a virtual representation of the modern working environment. He describes how the platform manages to cope with all the different working ethics around the world and the company’s CMO – Melissa Selcher (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mselcher/) wants to create a ‘safe space’ for all its members.

Ian also describes how human biases manifest when it comes to sharing money in the ‘Dictator Game’.

In this show, we discuss:

  • LinkedIn’s transformation
  • How to build a sense of community
  • The art of asking questions
  • David Ogilvy’s views on research
  • behavioural research
  • How to gamify questions to get the right answers

Show notes