Ian Murray – House 51: Uncovering the hard truths Pt1

In this show, Ian Murray, the man behind the trilogy of reports that blew the lid off the world of marketing and exposed a potentially fatal weakness in its thinking.

Ian’s work, along with research partners and former guest Andrew Tenzer highlighted how the creative industry’s thinking and creativity could be missing the mark a lot of the time, because the people working in it aren’t truly representative of the market they are targeting.

Gut Instinct, The Empathy Delusion and The Aspiration Window rocked the creative industry and forced it to think about why how and where it’s drawing its talent from and whether it needs to be revised.

In part one, we look back at the effects of these reports, why he felt the need to highlight this potential weakness, and what other facts the reports found that he didn’t publish.

We discuss:

  • What changes has Ian seen in the industry since the reports were published
  • How people generalised the research findings
  • How agencies and people can skew research
  • Why putting people in left and right boxes is unhelpful
  • Different generations, different thinking
  • The Alternative conclusion to the Empathy Delusion.

Show notes