Mark Stringer: It’s easy, being Green

Mark Stringer portraitMark Stringer is the Chair of creative agency PrettyGreen – an award-winning Creative Communications agency that works for clients such as Snap, Nando’s, Pantene, Hasbro, Audible to name a few. Mark is also the Co-Founder & CMO of Skoot – a climate platform to help businesses and communities remove their carbon footprint.

Bringing all his considerable entertainment marketing skills to bear, Mark is helping Skoot change the way that companies approach their everyday tasks through the power of gamification mixed with environmental responsibility.

It’s a powerful mixture.

In this show, Mark walks us through his early years of marketing for Disney and its video arm Buena Vista. We find surprising common ground in the world of video marketing and realize that our paths could easily have crossed back in the last 90s.

We discuss his love/hate relationship with award wins, how he narrowly lost out to Elon Musk, his career in 20 words, how new business can help solve global warming, great and inspiring green initiatives and balancing consumption against carbon reduction. Phew!

PLUS! Jeremy Davies is back to get a refund on his Pitch Theater tickets

Incidental music by Jacob_Field from Pixabay

Show notes

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