Rob Mayhew: The king of agency comedy

Jack or Joker?

If you don’t know who Rob Mayhew is, you need to.

He’s a rare breed of marketing and sales genius, twinned with comedy and acting skills that have taken the world of TikTok by storm.

His Award winning, lo-fi, short sketches about agency office life have gained a huge following, from people in the world of marketing, PR and advertising and those outside of it.

Rob has cornered the market with his hilarious, touching, accurate depictions of such trivial things as the stresses of working late, your first day in a new job, the agency summer party, technical failures at a pitch meeting and he’s produced literally thousands of them, gaining over 3 million views on TikTok and attracting over 7000 followers on LinkedIn –  and he’s only just started!

In this show, Rob delivers a masterclass in how to conquer TikTok, how to use comedy to grow an audience, and the role that humor plays in winning new business.

Using comedy for internal comms

Breaking down diversity issues

How the TikTok algorithm works

How to laugh customers into the funnel

How to rememerb ideas

Why the American comedy scene is the best in the world

Keith & Rob design a line of sweaters in the show

Big props to:

Fleishman Hillard

Rowing Blazer sweaters

Show notes

Fleishman Hillard (the PR agency Rob works for) here:

Rowing Blazers – the sweaters Rob wears, here:

Rob’s TikTok page:

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