Sir John Hegarty: What’s the Big Idea?

One of the greatest minds in the world of advertising is on the show to explain how we can recapture our creative essence and make the business of marketing the sexy, inspiring innovative, funny, thought-provoking, engaging and compelling business that attracted us to it in the first place.

He also explains how great creative is better for the planet.

Importantly, he’s also here to tell us how we can all join his masterclass called ‘The Business of Creativity’. The link to sign up is in the show notes.

  • The free press of podcasting
  • Learning from history
  • Game changing works of art
  • What one advert John Hegarty holds up as an example of the complete big idea
  • Why companies need creatives at the top
  • How to win a pitch
  • Why brainstorms are boring
  • Diversity
  • Hiring the best
  • What Sir John would like on his gravestone

And why you don’t put a tow bar on a Ferrari..

Show notes

8 weekly lectures packed with tips and playbooks which John has used throughout his career to harness and unlock your creativity:

  • Understanding creativity
  • How to get started
  • The Power of Truth
  • Creating a Culture
  • The Creative Process
  • Finding and Nurturing an Idea
  • Storytelling and Selling creativity
  • Living the Creative Life

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