The New Business Briefing with Victor Houghton – Ep9

VVHPortraitictor Houghton is back! In Episode 9 of the New Business Briefing, we discuss all the latest research that Victor has uncovered and we dive a bit deeper into the ones that meant the most to him.

There’s some great talking points for you to cover with your new business prospects, including:

✅ Luck, serendipity, fate, kismet and chance. Is it really just happenstance or is it because your subconscious is picking up on clues?

✅ Why Reddit is becoming more popular than Google for fact-finders.

✅ The Gender Pay Gap Bot.

✅ What Gen Zs realy think and why we should care

✅ LinkedIn’s Career Breaks product Profiled

Show notes

Wolff Olins strategist lauds serendipity – Creative Brief

Early adopters are shunning Google’s search results in favour of Reddit 

What Gen Z really think and why you should care. GWI

The Gender Pay Gap Bot Vice

LinkedIn is introducing Career Breaks