Jason Falls – The Marketing Podcast Network: Leader of the Pod Squad

JasonFallsMainImageJason Falls, entrepreneur, influencer, podcaster, marketing genius and host of the hugely successful ‘Winfluence’ show (and book) and now Founder and CEO of the Marketing Podcast Network (MPN), sits down for an hour of informative discussion on this brave new marketing world, dispensing sage advice for brands and companies looking to blaze trails in it.

The Fuel podcast is a proud member of MPN, so we managed to convince Jason to use his influence on our show.

We discussed:

The dawn of a new media landscape

Advice for brands thinking about starting a podcast

How influencer marketing is the new PR

Hilarious description of how the PR industry reacted to influencers

How vertical ad networks work

Ted Rubin

Fun facts about moonshine, bourbon, bluegrass and Kentucky weather

Trivial pursuit quiz of the week.

Plus Jeremy Davies is back for a wonderful monologue about what happens when brands get caught up in global politics.

Show notes

Jason Falls on LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonfalls/

Cornett agency web site: http://www.teamcornett.com

Marketing Podcast Network: https://marketingpodcasts.net