Tom Cheesewright: Think like a Futurist

Tom Cheesewright is a globally acclaimed Applied Futurist. His talents are employed by major blue chip organizations to help them plan for the next 3, 5 and 10 years ahead.

In this show, Tom shares his predictions about the  working week, sustainable food habits, modern measures of status, the future of the gig worker and fixing the gender balance.

He also gives us a sneak peek at the launch of his new training course ‘Think like a Futurist’ which teaches marketers and c-suite execs how to plan and predict trends, opportunities and threats for any business.

We learn the importance of the need to spend time thinking about your company’s future, how technology can help us see round corners, how to spot existential threats & opportunities and also how to present the narrative to help communicate this to upper management.

Companies need a futurist as much as they need a CFO and this show teaches you how to start seeing into the future.

Show notes

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