Dr. Gleb Tsipursky: New Office Rules

The debate rages on! Should we all get back to the office or have we just kissed the 9-5 Monday to Friday work week goodbye?

While some of the world’s business leaders (who should know better) are doing their very best impression of King Canute, trying to turn back the tide and command a sea of young workers to adopt a prairie dog existence in open plan offices, the world is changing.

Change is tough but fortunately, we’ve got experts, we’ve got science and we’ve got technology. So what’s the problem?

In this show, behavioral psychologist and author of dozens of books Dr. Gleb Tsipursky – who advises blue chip corporations on how to transition to flexi and blended working, delivers a brilliant how-to for creative agencies.

In this show we discuss what countries responded to the pandemic correctly – and what ones didn’t. We look at how to balance public health against economic demands; who to trust when we need to know; status quo bias, Elon Musk’s flip-flop, the huge HR and financial benefits of remote work in one single move; how creative agencies are solving the problem; how the US’s biggest employer is setting the standard; how AI can help with the solution, who pays for it all and we address the 600lb Gorilla in the room of mental health and discuss solutions to help companies help their staff.

We also discover the best days for office work and the extended weekend.

Plus! Jeremy Davies is back with a wonderful sketch on AI and Rise of the Robots

Show notes