Andrew Morgan – Wayout Consulting: 5 basic rules of new business

AMheadshot_doneIf you’re thinking of launching a new business drive (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then you need to listen to this show. Andrew Morgan runs a business development consultancy that is driven by the simple rules he follows in any sales campaign; get the basics right and the rest will fall into place. Andrew’s considerable experience is on offer for free here as he guides us through his five basic principles of setting up a new business campaign.

Why vision and values mean so much

Getting buy-in from the top

Telling stories to drive sales

Using content to create awareness

Planning for inspiration

The importance of being yourself

Top three non-digital new business-winning strategies

Also, in this week’s episode, our resident humourist Jeremy Davies heads for the trees with his band of merry men as he investigates Robinhood.

Show notes

Andrew Morgan’s LinkedIn profile

Wayout Consulting’s web site

A book to read – The Subtle Art of not giving a f**k