Beehive: How to Avoid Digital Brand Bullshit

FacesImageDowngrading the priority of technology over creativity. Beehive get back to basics with their ‘Advertising Agency Redux’ approach to business.

Their new book ‘How to Avoid Digital Brand Bullshit’ places the focus back on the business of an agency – the creative idea and how to implement it across multiple platforms.

With years of experience in big (and little) agency life and culture, Martin Galton, Greg Jordan and Tim Hollins suggest that we’ve all gotten a little bit too focused on the technology at the expense of ideas.

“We add creativity to areas that need creativity,” says Martin.

And this isn’t just agency heads shouting into the void. They’ve done their research and spoken to some of the best in the advertising and digital business to help us all be better in our work and make sure that the creative is the most compelling factor in any campaign.

In this episode, we discuss:

🐝 Why remote working works

🐝 The focus on the procurement function

🐝 How to prospect for new business

🐝 The new agency model

🐝 Algorithms -v- Creativity

🐝 Being mindful of where the creative is seen

🐝 The value of asking ‘So what?’

🐝 The art of zooming out

Show notes

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