James Hillhouse – Commercial Break: Advertising’s common problem

JamesHillhousePortraitHas the advertising industry lost its edge? Has it become over-educated and under-commercialized?

This show is all about the lack of socio-economic diversity in the creative industries and what we can do to turn it around.

“Those responsible for hiring often still demonstrate bias towards applicants who are ‘like them’ – especially those with university degrees” – Social Mobility Commission 2021.

James Hillhouse is one half of the team behind Commercial Break – an organization dedicated to increasing working class and minority representation in the creative industries.

In this blockbuster of a show, James passionately states the case for the need to widen the creative reservoir from which the creative industries draws talent – front of house and back of house.

And he pulls no punches.

He makes the proposal for an Advertising Industry 3.0, a melting pot but also points out that it’s one thing to tick a box in terms of diversity but it’s another to retain and nurture that talent to help it thrive.

We discuss:

⚡ How to create the right environment for growing new talent

⚡ How WFH has made problems worse through a loss of structure and what agencies can do about it.

⚡ The role that new business has to play in levelling the socio-economic balance

⚡ How MIT’s building 20 is a powerful example a diverse workforce

⚡ Are working class people more creative than most?

⚡ Is lack of diversity of creative thinking a global problem?


Jeremy Davies is back from his summer Grand Tour to explain how modern new business execs are less Jolly Roger and more 007

Show Notes

Commercial Break web site at: http://commercialbreak.org.uk

LEO – a dyslexia friendly eReader designed for education in the creative industries: