Ben Salmon – Crank: You’re Doing eCommerce All Wrong!

BenSalmonPortraitBen Salmon is a master of numbers and eCommerce – but don’t let that put you off!

If ever there was a person who could mix the science of etailing with brand and marketing advice, it’s Ben.

This show celebrates the launch of the book that he co-authored with Peter Abraham, Tim Shaw and Jessica Hopkins.

‘Your Number’s Up!’ is a magnificent deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of eCommerce – simply presented and engagingly written, it should be on the book shelf of anyone in digital retail.

In fact – given the pandemic and the social pivot to online commerce, it’s a must-read for any company with a web site.

It makes it easy to plot where you are on the evolutionary chart and what your best next steps should be.

In this show, we discuss:

🔢 What lessons retailers can bring forward from the last 200 years into the present day

🔢 The differences between mobile and desktop consumers

🔢 eCommerce measurement maturity

🔢 How to prioritise your digital spend

🔢 How did the UK overtake the USA in development

🔢 Digital Revenue as a percentage of Total Revenue for annual reports

🔢 Who’s doing it right and who’s missing opportunities?

Plus Jeremy Davies is back with a brilliant point to make about agencies pitching for free

Show notes:

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