Caroline Kay – Business Coach: New business & entrepreneurs

Caroline headshotBallsy moves are what drives business coach Caroline Kay’s podcast ‘Snippets of Genius‘ and in this episode, she outlines why new business people have an entrepreneurial spirit that you don’t find anywhere else.

Caroline sat down with Keith to reveal her motivations for relocating her business to Rome and to get into podcasting.

Caroline has spent more than a decade supporting business owners and executives with tools and strategies for success, so if you are thinking of upping your game, listen to this show and then give Caroline a call!

In this show, we discuss:

✅ The natural habits of entrepreneurs

✅ The art of embracing failure

✅ Using ‘No” as a positive tool

✅ Is business development nature or nurture?

✅ Caroline’s ABCs of genius

✅ The signs of a born starter

Before the main course, Jeremy Davies has a wonderful take on the Marxist theory of new business.

Show notes

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