Jonny Tooze – CEO, Lab Group: Architect of the new agency model


Meet Jonny Tooze. He’s created the basis of a new agency model that sets the bar at a new level for the industry.

In this expansive interview, Jonny, tells us how his psychology-first, achingly creative vision came into being and why he thinks that all agencies need to be ready for a new type of high street and a new type of shopper.

Lab Group comprises Reflect Digital, Riverr Studio, VERJ, BLUP and most recently Raised By Wolves – a collection of some of the best-in-class digital creative and branding business around, so if you want to get a glimpse inside the imaginative vision of Jonny Tooze, this is the show for you.

In this show, we discuss:

🟢 Productless stores and holographic shopping

🟢 Modern retail triggers

🟢 Keeping branding relevant

🟢 Funding for female entrepreneurs

🟢 Awards, awards, awards

🟢 Discrimination in the marketing industry

🟢 How to win new business

🟢 Workforce motivation

Also, our resident raconteur Jeremy Davies puts together a compelling case study for, er case studies

Show notes

Jonny’s LinkedIn profile HERE

Lab Group web  site HERE

Music choice: Alden Patterson & Dashwood web site HERE