Neal Schaffer: The power of influencer marketing

NealPortraitFrom the master of influencer marketing – Neal Schaffer. Everything you wanted to know about how the influencer market has become a $16bn industry and why this is only the thin end of the wedge.

How can agencies in b2b and b2c leverage its power to help their clients, how can brands find the influencer of their dreams and how can influencers be deployed to help drive new business?

Neal’s opinions and advice is much sought-after and in this show, Neal discusses:

🟢 How CMOs should present influencer activity in the boardroom

🟢 What industries stand to gain the most from influencer activity

🟢 Overcoming the teething problems of influencer marketing

🟢 The difference between social selling and influencer marketing

🟢 Identifying the right influencer for your brand or company

🟢 Accountability

🟢 Fractional CMOs and fractional influencers

Plus, Jeremy Davies is having an identity crisis, finding a new job title

Huge thanks to MayKing Tsang for her help in setting this interview up!

Show notes