Francis Ingham – PRCA: The post-pandemic PR industry

FrancisInghamPicThe standard-bearer for the PR industry, Francis Ingham has championed the cause of the public relations industry since the 2011, nationally and internationally.

His fearless lobbying to protect and defend the working practices of the communications industry and its people have not gone unnoticed. In our research for the interview, quotes such as “formidable”, “highly Intelligent”, “Architect of the transformed PRCA” consistently came up.

In this interview, Francis covers:

  • How the PR industry can learn from the way the industry and the general public reacted to the changing messaging from our leaders.
  • How the PRCA has been helping its members and non-members.
  • The future of the PRCA
  • International future for the organisation
  • PR start-ups
  • How digital has transformed public relations
  • How empathetic leaders stand to benefit the most in a post-pandemic world
  • and lots more..

Plus…the ever-flexible Jeremy Davies on agile agency life

Show notes

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