Tom Cheesewright – Applied Futurist: How to future-proof your business

portraitTCTom Cheesewright is sought after by all the world’s leading companies to help them adjust their strategies to be ready for the next five to ten years.

In this unmissable interview, we sit down with Tom to discuss his books High Frequency Change and Future-proof your business, his amazing podcast ‘Let’s Talk About Tomorrow’ and his upcoming lectures.

▶ What does our business future look like?

▶ What opportunities are there for brands, companies and agencies?

▶ How can we make our businesses more agile?

▶ What can we learn from the last year about human behaviour?

▶ How can we prepare our businesses for the next 10 years?

All these questions and lots lots more addressed in this show.

If you’re curious about your company’s future, then tune into this show.

Show notes

Tom Cheesewright’s LinkedIn profile HERE

Tom’s amazing web site HERE

Usbourne’s Book of the Future HERE