Dr. Chris Arnold – Author, flip: unthink everything you know

ChrisArnoldportraitWhen creativity is at the heart of everything we do, it’s time for a new way of problem solving and guess what? some of us have been able to think like this all our lives!

Dr Chris Arnold is a seasoned advertising industry creative genius and his mindset is in demand from the world’s biggest brands. He’s an alternative thinker because as a dyslexic, he’s had to be. He pioneered the ‘flip’ approach to creative problems. He cracked the code to one of the biggest briefs in adland in half a day and now he wants to share this knowledge with us all, but typically, not in the way we’d all expect.

This show kicks off a series of innovative thinking shows for the Fuel podcast and Dr Chris is the perfect first guest. In this show we discuss:

🔸 How the perceived disadvantage of dyslexia provided the missing piece

🔸 What would life be like if Jonathan Ive stayed in banking?

🔸 Ron Legas rebranding creativity

🔸 Mental fortitude

🔸 Why the UK creative scene leads the world

🔸 How different agency departments think

🔸 Why sales is a creative process

🔸 The beauty of Seth Godin and Mark Ritson’s perspective

🔸 How to win business with just one question

To kick things off Jeremy Davies almost gets nostalgic for webinars

Show notes

Contact Dr Chris Arnold for a copy of his book ‘flip’ vichris@mac.com

Dr Chris’ LinkedIn profile HERE

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