David Allison – Valuegraphics: A very modern metric

DavidAllisonImageIn this multi-channel, super-segmented global society, it’s time we found a more accurate and useful way of identifying our customers.

But don’t worry, because agency leader, author and magician of metrics, David Allison has done it all for us.

You’ve heard of Demographics and Psychographics, now meet Valuegraphics, a way of classifying market segments based on shared values. Not age, not earnings but what drives our own operating system.

Throughout the world we have 56 shared values and using this process you’ll guarantee that you have all the right trigger words in your messaging.

In this show, we discuss:

🎯 How the UK’s values differ from Europe

🎯 The difference between values and beliefs

🎯 How brands can avoid purpose washing

🎯 What drove David to invent a new system for agencies

🎯 How Valuegraphics could create the perfect politician

🎯 How to get an entire hotel staff to wish you goodbye

Plus our very own Jeremy Davies loses his vowels over ABRDN, Consignia and lazy journalism.

Show notes

Find David Allison on LinkedIn HERE

David’s book ‘We’re all the same age now’ HERE