Ella Orr – Much More Social: 5 ways to create your personal brand on social media

EllaHeadshotA follow-up to our 50th episode is a return to LinkedIn. Business social media expert Ella Orr drops in to share her top tips for creating a personality for your business on social  media.

And before you say “my business doesn’t need a personality,” it does. The game has changed and this show is going to help you devise a plan.

Ella specializes in advising companies in regulated industries such as finance, utilities and communications and these companies already understand how simply providing a commodity isn’t enough.

In this show, we discuss:

#️⃣ How technology has changed the education sector

#️⃣ Tools of the trade for successful social media

#️⃣ Why being likeable can tip the scales in a sale

#️⃣ How to use social media in a crisis

#️⃣ Content generation tools

#️⃣ A five-point plan for social media growth

Plus – a wonderful set from Jeremy Davies who has found himself crossing over into liminal space.

Show notes

Ella Orr’s LinkedIn profile HERE

Much More Social web site HERE



A blog post about personal branding by Ella


Here’s some of the content creation tools/apps Ella mentioned.






Also – Canva https://www.canva.com/ – a brilliant graphic design tool with free templates – so easy to use.