Nick Looby & David Bell – The Business Breakfast Show: Broadcasting for new business

BusinessBreakfastImgWhat do you do when your world gets turned upside down by a pandemic? You hustle and redeploy your skills as TedX speaker, business mentor, author and tech wizard into a broadcasting company and a brand new format business video show called the Business Breakfast.

The show is a slightly irreverent, chatty and informative look at business and entrepreneurs and proves the theory that there’s no better form of defence than attack.

Nick Looby and David Bell are two seasoned speakers and business mentors who have spotted a gap in the market for a video show, much like the beloved breakfast TV shows we all loved – like a cross between The Big Breakfast, Tizwas and GMB.

If you haven’t already tuned into the show, do it because we bet you’ve got nothing better to do at 8am every Thursday.

Nick brings all his skills as a people person, author of The Modern Zombie – a lament on the loss of humanity to binary code, while David Bell uses his years of entrepreneurship and business leadership to deliver a great sixty minutes of easily digestible, commercially relevant current affairs and insight from businesses around the country. And they’re just about to announce a new launch.

In this show, we discuss:

🎯 Missing human interactions

🎯 The distraction of technology

🎯 Hybrid events

🎯 Ideal guests for the show

🎯 Long term strategy for the Business Breakfast Show

🎯 Why we need to read

🎯 David’s lunar conspiracies

🎯 An extraordinary book recommendation from Nick

Show notes:

Nick’s LinkedIn profile HERE

David’s LinkedIn profile HERE

Chatbox Productions web site HERE