Nick Vivion – Ghostworks PR: A Technomad’s Tale

NickVivionTrailerShot_doneNick Vivion is pioneering a new way of working hard and staying agile. At the start of 2021, tired of living to work, paying for expensive property he asked himself “what if I only had two years left to live?” He pulled a ‘Nick move’, took his successful tech PR agency mobile and began exploring the great outdoors in a recreational vehicle.

Nick’s not alone. There is a whole younger segment of society that is discarding the shackles of ‘normal’ life and adapting to a new, flexible, life-affirming, greener existence.

In this show, we discuss what motivated him and how he will be followed by an entire generation of Alt:Execs, dedicated to maximising their income by living lean and able to rapidly respond to changes in society.

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial millennial mind.

In this show, we cover:

⭐ ‘The Two-Year Deadline’

⭐ What you need to live a life more mobile

⭐ Living off-grid

⭐ Crypto and financial PR

⭐ Content marketing

⭐ Top tips for how to Hustle

⭐ The future of nomadic working

Also, the ever-funny ⭐ Jeremy Davies ⭐ on product targeting and new business.

⭐ Title Music and Theme tune by The Prospectors (Matt Bullard, Bob & Barn and Peter Banks)

⭐ Incidental music by jorikbasov from Pixabay

Show notes

The BBC article that started it all HERE

Ghostworks web site HERE

Nick’s LinkedIn profile HERE

Jeremy Davies’ LinkedIn Profile HERE