Nicole Yershon: The Crazy Diamond

How to bring your most creative ideas to life. Nicole Yershon one of the advertising industry’s most imaginative creatives who’s “never say never” approach to business has pushed boundaries, broken taboos, shifted needles and toppled monopolies.

She’s on the show partly to promote her book Rough Diamond – dedicated to all those people who walk amongst us who think differently, courageously and divergently to make our industry the envy of the creative world.

But she’s also on the show to tell us how she got started in the industry and to champion the good work of the creative education system, including Communications Arts; and to explain her proven theory of learning that helps us all to understand biohacking, cyborgism and humans as technology.

How to develop empathy

Where creativity comes from

Mathematics for business

New business advice

How to achieve the work life balance

The importance of trust

Flooding Second Life

Innovative thinking and survival

Intrepreneurship and entrepreneurship