Keith is a music wonk. He loves music and cannot work without it – much to the annoyance of his wife Donna, The Advertist’s Editor and his other colleagues.

There is no right or wrong time of day for him to listen to music and it runs in his family, who have all picked up various instruments at one time or another.

One of Keith’s most treasured music jobs was working and singing with the incredibly talented Peter ‘Memory’ Banks, erstwhile songwriter and ivory  tickler for British 80’s pop/rock sensation After The Fire (ATF).

Don’t turn around uh-oh

In the 80s Keith and Peter worked together in a band called Zipcodes with the much loved and still missed ATF drummer Pete King. Peter engineered and produced a few of Keith’s many other recordings and in the early 2000s, Peter asked Keith to take on vocal duties for the newly revived ATF as part of their comeback tour.

Peter and his faithful Yamaha CS80 on its 40th

So it naturally fell to Peter to write and produce the theme tune for The Fuel Podcast, which Peter wrote and produced while also campaigning as an MP for the Green Party in his constituency of Mersea Island, Essex .

It’s called The Hustl (which was going to be the original name for the podcast) and you can listen to in full here:

We hope you like the music. It’s an earworm for sure and if you get a chance, please drop Peter a note of support via his Twitter feed.

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