Launching tomorrow’s brands today – Unrest is creative agency Uncommon’s incubator and Orr’s FMCG pedigree means this is a show for the record. Jeremy Davies is back! Keith does an end-of year rap-up.

Dave’s favourite piece of work, the emotion of creativity, membership of the D&AD club, keeping podcasting natural, Dave’s white whale, Dave Trott’s theory of jingles,

How creative people behave, why good writing will never die, the Third Person theory, how to promote your career, agency fees, working with Apple.

Trusted sources, the fossil fuel cost/benefit ratio, energy independence, lying politicians, lying CEOs, a history of the EV movement, the auto industry ecosystem, Coca-Cola and Cop 27

The art of the deal from a police trained hostage negotiator. Learn the psychological techniques that the experts use to help you win in business.


Greenwashing, gaslighting, ban fossil fuel advertising. How the ad industry can save the planet. being creative and being rewarded. Care for the planet; care for your people.

Podcast Cover art

Using marketing as a force to help avoid global warming. Being disruptive every day, how to avoid greenwashing claims, fighting climate propaganda, Elon Musk’s work ethic,

What makes a great advertising agency, Paul’s Top 3 greatest pitches, how to create long-lasting relationships, the importance of strategy and planning.

The most cringe worthy moments of agency and client meetings, using comedy to win business, how to grow a social media audience, the US comedy scene, advice for creating content.


Brand Fame, the violation of expectation, the point of creativity, blowing up cars, ageism, how to survive a recession, living with Graham Fink, cold calling Dave Trott & cold emailing Sir Martin Sorrell