35% of gen Z and 31% of millennials are planning to change jobs this year – what can employers do? Dr Dr. Tracy Brower – a sociologist studying work life fulfillment and happiness discusses:
Workforce challenges for HR teams
Mental wellness
Talent shortages
Shorter working week and productivity
The human connection
And of course AI

Sharing an office with Sean Connery, how to sell a creative agency, how to acquire a creative agency, mental welfare, being genuine, selling yourself and the value of new business.

Is AI killing off photography? 360-degree spin photography techniques and tips, How the CMO role will adapt to AI, how to avoid the new dark ages for photography, what guardrails do we need? double exposures and ghosts, innovations in photography.

The key to winning meetings, Big agency growth tactics, Small things to make a big impact, The art of No, How to identify great clients, How to win when you’re losing, Why commitment wins, How Ai is changing pitch responses, and the 3 ingredients every agency needs to know before they go for growth.

How to develop a style, freedom from meetings, the Beehive story, the John Hegarty story, the Muhammad Ali story, a.i. bollocks a free creative idea for outdoor media and what’s the point of advertising?

Book review – Rough Diamond
How to develop empathy
Where creativity comes from
Mathematics for business
New business advice
How to achieve the work life balance
The importance of trust
Flooding Second Life
Innovative thinking and survival
Intrepreneurship and entrepreneurship

The pros and cons of the 4 day work week, why parents don’t understand PR, Paul Holmes and Alex Myers mentioned, building creativity into education, totems and ceremonies in the hybrid world and telling fossil fuel companies to jog on.

Keeping the customer satisfied – fine but what what motivates them? Demographics and psychographics are too limited. Here’s Valuegraphics for the ultimate marketing profiling system.

What tools does a creative agency need to help its employees successfully work remotely? This episode shows you how, from office design, to equipment, security and software, Also a bonus tip for new business folks!

How to pitch – stories, news and agencies. Pip Decks Storyteller Tactics is a revolutionary way to make your pitches land. Find out how Steve was inspired to create this system and how this is going to help your agency new business process.