How well you communicate with people depends on what type of communicator you are. This podlet and interview with business book author Trenton Moss helps you understand the needs and motivations of the various types of people that you interact with each and every day. Also a freebie course for those lucky enough to hear it before 5th March 2024

How digging the ditches now will prepare the ground for making it rain. Digital sales and marketing expert Brad Smith treats others as he expects to be treated and he demonstrates how a faith-driven approach to business works wonders!

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Throughout history, humans have used semiotics to scare, lead, inspire, educate and bond. But with all this technology, are we in danger of losing the ability to read the signs that bind?

Is advertising entertainment? Why UK and US ads are so different, the latest Bellwether report, marketing forecast for the year, the 60:40 rule for advertising, a funding crisis for the ASA? standards, steam trains and Irish songwriters.

How to create meaningful interactions on email and in person, suing these simple techniques from trained experts – Natasha Ellard-Shoefield and Peter Meikle.

David Brown, the host of the ‘Creatives with AI’ podcast is on the show to simultaneously scare and soothe us about the unstoppable march of AI into our lives. He totally understands how AI can be used to help us win business and grow our agencies. How the military is using AI and the global view of AI ethics, privacy, guard rails, the environmental cost of AI, what the creative agency of the future will look like

An in-depth discussion about the UK’s food and drink sector, covering trends, analysis, research and Aldi supermarket’s ‘Next Big Thing’ TV show

What we can all learn from sales in other sectors. “People Buy People” AI, Benders in Escorts. The renaming of Monopoly.

Using distraction as part of the creative process. David takes us through his unique method for helping blue chip companies unleash their creative potential using some of the most innovative methods of workshopping we’ve ever heard of! The Flaneur movement, experience engineering & do brainstorming sessions work?

What happens when you don’t do your research before launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign? Chaos! Keith Smith investigates with the help of some highly qualified friends.