A spoonful of sugar. Why does the advertising industry use jingles and entertainment to sell products? Because the entire industry has its roots in the hawkers, pedlars and costermongers of old. Veteran and legend of the ad industry Paul Feldwick is the author of ‘Why Does The Pedlar Sing?’

The power of sound. How sound affects consumer habits and behaviour like nothing else. Euan McMorrow is MD of AVC Media an audio branding specialist that helps companies and brands match their business to music.

Making sales in times of turmoil, and how to stay positive, focused and keep it real, so you can increase your chances of sales success. Adam runs Gray Matters one of the UK’s most sought-after business development agencies and he’s got a ton of advice on this show.

The former Director of Ogilvy London and Russia, strategic agency and CMO pitch advisor and author of How to Buy a Gorilla and Tuning Up – David Meikle is here to impart some wisdom for agency owners, creatives and CMOs – no monkeys.

Advertising as entertainment. The inspiration behind The Howard Gossage Show book, why everything can’t be amazing, understanding your audience, the birth of interactive advertising, shock tactics, fake news, pseudo-events, DE&I and Mariachi music.

Ageism, the best old TV adverts, Stingo, a tribute to Brian Griffin, AI Photography, Magic Markers, how creative used to be done, making your own clothes, making the ultimate umbrella campaign. Cobra Kai & Eagle Fang – The original Magic Mark is here!

The facts about Influencer Marketing and what makes it such a valuable marketing channel.

How well you communicate with people depends on what type of communicator you are. This podlet and interview with business book author Trenton Moss helps you understand the needs and motivations of the various types of people that you interact with each and every day. Also a freebie course for those lucky enough to hear it before 5th March 2024

How digging the ditches now will prepare the ground for making it rain. Digital sales and marketing expert Brad Smith treats others as he expects to be treated and he demonstrates how a faith-driven approach to business works wonders!

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Throughout history, humans have used semiotics to scare, lead, inspire, educate and bond. But with all this technology, are we in danger of losing the ability to read the signs that bind?