Why public relations is the marketing discipline of choice for most companies these days. Dealing with impostor syndrome, mental health, the PRCA’s CMS Accreditation, climate change a sales, influencer marketing, the greatest campaigns of the year and how AI is being used in public relations.

These days, we’re surrounded by fake news and alternative facts that if you don’t check them out, could cause irreparable damage to yours or your client’s brand.
In this show I chat with one of the advertising industry’s leading fact-finders.
Victor Houghton has been supplying irrefutable facts to advertising agencies for years. Those facts have helped them put together multi-million pound and dollar-winning pitches.

Is it possible to own words?

How can a few big players in the UK’s dairy industry prevent non-dairy and plant-based food manufacturers using words like Mylk or Sheeze?

The Ab Fab inspiration, why the UK needs to inspire more entrepreneurialism, food and drink trends and innovations, employee ownership, diversity, fee income, new business techniques, influencer marketing, AI and the democratisation of creativity.

Award-winning creative director Mike Everett gives a behind-the-scenes look at life in the golden age of advertising in one of Britain’s most outrageously creative advertising agencies: Collett, Dickinson, Pearce and Partners and discusses his book Methods of the Madmen.

One of the greatest minds in the world of modern advertising explains how good creative can help save the planet, picking one advert that hits all the right notes! He also goes in-depth on his forthcoming blockbuster new course ‘The Business of Creativity’. Along the way, there’s a ton of great tips and anecdotes from the creative OG!

A real diamond of a man. Forged from intense pressure; racism, otherism, commercial prejudice and health challenges, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE has created a £10m empire and he isn’t stopping now. Hear all about his life story and his latest ventures.

So many agencies are solving the wrong problem, it’s no wonder we’re over-compensating! Agency leader and creative director John Caswell shows us how to move a business forward using a blend of old-school creativity and new school artificial intelligence.

How companies and many of their employees are handling the epidemic of Future Shock, as predicted by Alvin Toffler in the 1960s

When is the right time to quit working for The Man and strike out on your own? And how do you make sure you stay in business? Advice from previous episodes of Fuel plus the very latest from the Andrew Bloch show.