How to run a successful PR business from a recreational vehicle, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurs, forest-bathing, work-life balance and how to ask for business.

How the pandemic has changed agency pitching in the USA and how it’s a different set of protocols to the UK. Hankisms and the problems of finding and retaining talent.


Modern Zombies, The Business Breakfast Show, why do we need to read, how tech can help us sell more. Nick & Dave in the house to teach us all how to put on some razzle dazzle to win business!

The Chairman of the D&AD on preserving the integrity of the Pencils, equality and social responsibility in the creative industry and how to avoid elitism. Also Tim’s Top 3 greatest commercials of all time.


Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist with millions of social media followers in his network. How does he leverage his influencer power to further his business objectives?
Ted shares some of his secrets to help you supercharge your sales strategies.


One of the most awarded Creative Directors in the advertising business has published a new book about how the advertising “industry” needs to get back to basics – and it’s causing an eruption!


This show marks a return to LinkedIn. Business social media expert Ella Orr drops by to share her top tips for creating a personality for your business on social  media.


Craig Davis is here to offer advice for brands and green issues. He should know, he helped launch Tesla, he’s the Euro standard-bearer for Impossible Foods and he has his own green consulting firm that has the ear of world leaders.


You’ve heard of Demographics, you’ve probably heard of Psychographics, now meet Valuegraphics. The way to make your messaging count by tapping into and audience’s value-driven operating system.


Make your sales outreach count every time using these clever tools to analyse prospects before you commit. Predictive Black is changing the way we find new clients. Banish zombies forever!