The Co-founder of Frank PR on starting out on a new career, advising agencies on growth, M&A activity and working with clients to help finesse their PR strategies through the AAR. All this on top of exercising his extensive PR muscle on the clients he loves to work with.

The next episode of Fuel featuring PR guru Andrew Bloch, sparked a debate about what happens when your influencer marketing spokesperson goes rogue.

How to Have Better and Braver Conversations About Your Mental Health. Creative agency leadership, diversity and inclusion, cloudbusting.

Special edition: A quick 12 minutes to help you overcome any feelings of nervousness in your new business prospecting

Mental health, no bollocks, politics and advertising, agency life, podcasting, drug addiction & recovery, fatherhood, West Ham, brilliant bloke.

The Starmaker. Dean of the star factory – The School of Communication Arts on diversity, creativity, chasing Ferraris. breakdowns and rebuilds, the illiterates of the 21st century and AI and lateral thinking.

The attraction of distraction
Channeling Empathy, Rapport, and human resonance
The danger of the infinite scroll
Why we use soft terms to describe terrible things
Jesus on social media
The beauty of slowing down
No tech tea time
Using words and not emojis
Parent’s fears about unregulated tech
Book sniffing and graveyard lurking

35% of gen Z and 31% of millennials are planning to change jobs this year – what can employers do? Dr Dr. Tracy Brower – a sociologist studying work life fulfillment and happiness discusses:
Workforce challenges for HR teams
Mental wellness
Talent shortages
Shorter working week and productivity
The human connection
And of course AI

Sharing an office with Sean Connery, how to sell a creative agency, how to acquire a creative agency, mental welfare, being genuine, selling yourself and the value of new business.

Is AI killing off photography? 360-degree spin photography techniques and tips, How the CMO role will adapt to AI, how to avoid the new dark ages for photography, what guardrails do we need? double exposures and ghosts, innovations in photography.