Have your very own Christmas Lockdown party on us. Just bring the booze and mince pies!

Sit back and crank up this bad boy. An hour and a half of the sweetest individual tunes in a mix to Fuel your Christmas party

The Fuel podcast has had a very busy year in 2020. We’ve featured over 40 different guests since April and each one of them was asked the same question:

“If you were isolated on an island with only one piece of music to keep you company (and something to play it on), Which track would you choose?”

Thank you to all of our guests. Each of you helped to make the Fuel podcast an institution. We’ve got plenty more tracks coming out – this is just the first edition, so keep listening in 2021!

Bill Wallsgrove

We took all those tracks and gave them to Bill Wallsgrove, who compiled the into one big mixtape in time for Christmas.

Bill loves collecting vinyl records and assorted music from a lots of genres by DJing in clubs and to friends at parties and creating mixes and he’s had some tough gigs – weddings big birthday parties and Bar Mizvahs (from the Rhine Valley to Moscow)

In his own words:

“I create DJ collections for pleasure ( Chig Bill mixcloud) but Fuel set me a unique mixing challenge

Take one desert island track from 21 different podcasters and try and create a seasonal party mix from them.

I really tried with a diverse set of artists – however I had big fun I hope you enjoy

I have known and worked with Dines from Studio Blup for many years – he is a favourite designer and illustrator.

He specialises in a unique visual remix style (check out his Instagram – link)

This is his big party disco ball – boogie on round the house!”

Dines 2020
Xmas Disco Ball by Dines

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