Using AI and machine learning to deliver powerful new business presentations. Fintech Predictive Black wants your agency to grow.


How to pitch remotely. Andy Farmer executive strategy director at agency ORM gives hints and tips for managing and winning business under Covid-19 restrictions.


Using short films to win business. Scrapping cynicism in the advertising industry. Where ideas come from. Innovation in the pandemic. The good and bad of Tik Tok.

Hank Blank Title image

How is the agency scene in the USA recovering? Hank is the man with the connections who can help us understand.


How having a point to your pitches will improve your success rate. Jeremy fuses stand-up comedy with sit-up branding pitches.


John was there when the new business industry was born. He’s first generation and he’s not finished creating


Big company hibernation, agility pandemic disaster planning, Proptech, virtual house tours and the property market bounce back.

Isobel Arrowsmith, PRCA

PRCA Director of The Americas Isobel Arrowsmith talks about the challenges of setting up a new office in a foreign country in a pandemic.

Ian Humphris

Unhide, FFS! 10 new commandments of marketing, benchmarking is copying. We’re not in Kansas anymore.


Cool rules. Bill Wallsgrove, brand expert and agency mentor drops some major news about Studio Blup and shares info on the future of the retail industry and brands.