What makes a great advertising agency, Paul’s Top 3 greatest pitches, how to create long-lasting relationships, the importance of strategy and planning.

The most cringe worthy moments of agency and client meetings, using comedy to win business, how to grow a social media audience, the US comedy scene, advice for creating content.


Brand Fame, the violation of expectation, the point of creativity, blowing up cars, ageism, how to survive a recession, living with Graham Fink, cold calling Dave Trott & cold emailing Sir Martin Sorrell


The art of creativity, how to find inspiration, dealing with critics, the ethics of cigarette advertising, Dave Trott, distraction, humor, curiosity, imposter syndrome, George Best, Apocolypse Now, surveillance advertising Artificial Intelligence, postcard art

How broadcast demonstrated its use during the pandemic; the new business frenzy of broadcast PR; what to do and what not to do on TV; Mick Lynch & his greatest hits; the power of authenticity; turning an interview into a conversation; Tips for marketers to help spread the message; the Amanda Knox syndrome.

The Fuel podcast EP97 main image

An overview of the food, drink and hospitality sector, from on the the UK’s leading PR agencies, includes predictions for the snack market and new business tips for F&D brands


On-boarding new talent, the commercial advantage of D&I, conscientious consumerism, the Lipstick Recession, The Empathy Delusion, fast decision-making, advertising’s contribution to UK GDP.

Episode 95 Main Image

How to prepare for a presentation, 3 priorities of any presentation, The art of staging Zoom backgrounds, How to find your natural pitch with AHA, How to calm your nerves

EP93 main image

How the ‘Suits’ and ‘Creatives’ learned to play nicely, the 45 second commercial, The Milk Tray Man, the brilliance of Jingles and a Chicken in every pot.

EP92JackWilliams image

Helping clients see round corners, the winnable pitch, the art of cultivating new business relationships, why marketing and new business needs to work in harmony.