How to pitch – stories, news and agencies. Pip Decks Storyteller Tactics is a revolutionary way to make your pitches land. Find out how Steve was inspired to create this system and how this is going to help your agency new business process.

Tim’s journey to copywriting, the value of being inquisitive & working with short creative deadlines. Trusting your intuition & how to write like people want to read it.
The art of staying flexible and remote working, interesting character traits and superb advice for winning new business.

How to think like a futurist – Tom’s new training course. Plus the future of the the working week, sustainable food habits, modern measures of status, the future of the gig worker and fixing the gender balance.

Behavioural scientist Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on Solving the working from home problems for creative agencies. How to balance public health and economics, who to trust, status quo bias, virtual watercoolers, asynchronous brainstorming,. remote coworking. proximity bias & excellence from anywhere.

Stevie Spring CBE
Chairman of mental health charity Mind, former chair of the British Council, board director at retail giant Co-op and general all-round amazing person sits down to discuss her life, career and philosophy and why she recommends dividing your time between profit, people and planet.

Christmas 2022 Cover

Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Karaoke What Pantone actually does, what Paul got away with in the 90s, bands named after sex stuff, Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ new fridge, Noddy Holder the Grinch, Dave Trott’s milk bottle wisdom, Paul’s New Year wish for the advertising industry and we recreate Paul’s encounter with David Bowie!

Launching tomorrow’s brands today – Unrest is creative agency Uncommon’s incubator and Orr’s FMCG pedigree means this is a show for the record. Jeremy Davies is back! Keith does an end-of year rap-up.

Dave’s favourite piece of work, the emotion of creativity, membership of the D&AD club, keeping podcasting natural, Dave’s white whale, Dave Trott’s theory of jingles,

How creative people behave, why good writing will never die, the Third Person theory, how to promote your career, agency fees, working with Apple.

The art of the deal from a police trained hostage negotiator. Learn the psychological techniques that the experts use to help you win in business.