EP93 main image

How the ‘Suits’ and ‘Creatives’ learned to play nicely, the 45 second commercial, The Milk Tray Man, the brilliance of Jingles and a Chicken in every pot.

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Helping clients see round corners, the winnable pitch, the art of cultivating new business relationships, why marketing and new business needs to work in harmony.

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Working with clients that want to be what their customers wish existed. Mental health, D&I, the art of winning business, pitching, attitude and swagger. Inspiring conversation!

Nick Galanides eviscerating awards. Unless, of course you have one for him….?

The Fuel EP89 main image

Research questioning techniques, Empathy Delusion revisited, The Dictator Game, classic adverts, tinkers and the book that started it all.


Melissa Selcher’s influence on LinkedIn. How to build a community on LinkedIn, The Art of asking questions, David Ogilvy on research, Behavioural research, gamifying questions.


How three reports challenged the creative industry’s thinking, the dangers of misinterpreting research, confirmation biases, pigeonholing an entire industry, alt conclusions.

The Spartan agency model, recessions are great for new business, demand -v- the planet, the art of pitching, the art of working with clients, how the Christmas tear-jerker ad industry started, new business acquisition and ad agencies through the decades.

The business of podcasting, how vertical advertising networks work, advice for brands working with influencers, how to run a podcast.


Are you feeling lucky? Reddit Vs Google, Gender Pay Gap bot and LinkedIn’s Profiled service.