Good and bad consumer and corporate reactions to the pandemic; the future of the PRCA; PR start-ups, digital transformation; empathy is a business model.


Making your digital content work hard for you.
The art of interviewing, the future of music streaming, the stress of toxic workplaces, developing a hard shell in business.


How to make a point when telling a story. Hygiene factors of presenting. Story telling with truth. Why introverts make great presenters. Working on your weak spots

The benefits of using video, stop liking and start commenting, why view counts are misleading, optimising your profile, how to sign up for John’s LinkedIn leaders course, how to prune your network, the five best content types, why you should treat posts like mini blogs.


Develop your own personal brand, basic rules of sales & marketing for SMEs, Innovative coaching ideas, Is TV advertising dead? Karma-driven business models, sweary bunnies and hot curries.


Why vision and values mean so much, getting buy-in from the top, telling stories to drive sales, using content to create awareness, planning for inspiration, the importance of being yourself, top three non-digital new business-winning strategies.

Why marketing needs to work off a new business plan. How to create a new business plan. What makes TFF people different & getting trapped in an elevator with Elon Musk.

Launching Cannabis products, the role of marketing, content marketing and social media, the death of the 30-second commercial, the benefits of influencer marketing, how to address stress, horses as marketers & how to manage complex agency relationships

Fact-based content marketing, the importance of being genuine, regulating social media, the dangers of user-generated content, the Inbound movement, New Year’s digital marketing resolutions, Godwin’s Law and advice for blog writing.

Effectively run conferences & exhibitions using social media, content for lurkers, how to engage new business prospects on social media and how FOMO works.