How networking can be your key to winning new clients and work. What makes a great agency CEO, Disney’s lesson in streamlining its agency roster and how Mickey Mouse can teach us all a lesson in business.

Why agencies should think very carefully about what music they decide to use in their adverts and especially why they shouldn’t murder them by getting ‘ordinary’ people to sing them.


Why PR leads the marketing mix in a post-pandemic world; how influencers are changing the marketing landscape; diversity and inclusion in the PR industry; tips for starting out in new business and how the haulage industry lost out to sales.


How to stay on top of the search algorithms
Google Topics and ad serving
The Metaverse data vacuum
CPC price inflation
How to build a receptive audience
Link building tips with an example of PhotoSpherix
Who’s going to break Google’s monopoly
Web 4.0
Advice for creating a bullet-proof search campaign


The art of lifting your head up, why focus is a superpower, cutting-edge conformity, the Goldilocks ratio of referrals & new business, why employ a new business big-hitter, agencies -v- consultancies.

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The ad industry’s trust problem, why brand and social purpose don’t sell products, the consumption conundrum, The Dictator Game.


Andrew Tenzer is Director of Market Insight & Brand Strategy at publisher Reach plc publishers of Gut Instinct, The Empathy Delusion and The Aspiration Window.
Is the creative industry losing its focus on selling goods and services in favour of promoting green or social causes? This might make for uncomfortable listening for some in the industry

Our love/hate relationship with cookies is about to end – how do we find our customers now? Tom’s GDLabs uses AI and data science to predict and locate your customer hot spots. A simple and logical, yet hi-tech solution for your agency.

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Oops we did it again! Helen Calcraft of Lucky Generals on the art of new business, account management, great clients, great agencies, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Top 3 ad campaigns of all time and the importance of having a mission.

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Facts to win new business meetings. The Great Resignation, WFH impact on social skills, the 4-day working week, nomad villages and working in a ghost town.